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I Have Been Changed
     All she did was love. The green skinned girl took her heart and ripped it out, laughing in her face and walking away. Glinda was left standing there, in the cornfield, on the verge of tears. She watched Elphaba – no, the Wicked Witch – walk away, broom in hand and black dress flowing behind her in the wind.
     Elphaba didn't stop, she didn't look back, she didn't show Glinda any remorse. She walked away, never missing a step, never even glancing around.
      "E…Elphie," Glinda said in a choked whisper before dropping to her knees and crying. She'd never felt this…this…hopeless before in her life.
       A loud cackle brought her out of her own world. She looked up and saw Elphaba flying away, laughing as if she had just seen the funniest thing ever.
      Days passed. Glinda sat on her bed, unable to bring herself to rise to her feet. How did she still feel this bad? Elphaba hadn't sho
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Fro Yo Fiyero
   "Elphaba…" Fiyero whispered, kneeling down beside the crying green girl. She hid her face from him, not wanting him to see her cry – or to see the burns left behind by the tears. "Elphaba…please…"
   He gently lifted her chin and stared into her dark eyes, waiting for her to smile. Her green cheeks were darkened slightly from where the tears fell, as were little spots on the palms of her hands. He silently wondered why the tears had this effect on her skin, but he decided not to voice it.
   "Elphaba…why did you run away?" he asked, his voice growing softer with each word. "Why…?"
   "Because…you…you obviously love Glinda!" Elphaba growled. Fiyero winced at the sound of her voice. She didn't try to hide the hurt and jealousy like she usually did. "Just leave, Fiyero."
    He didn't move. Elphaba raised her hand to slap him, but he grabbed it and held it tightly.
    "I said go!" Elphaba shrieked. "Why can you not lis
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Facebook Argument (not rly) part 3 by Lunar-Sunset
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Facebook Argument (not rly) part 3 :iconlunar-sunset:Lunar-Sunset 0 0
Facebook Argument (not rly) part 2 by Lunar-Sunset
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Facebook Argument (not rly) part 2 :iconlunar-sunset:Lunar-Sunset 0 0
Facebook Argument (not rly) part 1 by Lunar-Sunset
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Facebook Argument (not rly) part 1 :iconlunar-sunset:Lunar-Sunset 0 0
Married With Children! by Lunar-Sunset
Mature content
Married With Children! :iconlunar-sunset:Lunar-Sunset 1 0


The Big D(ivorce)
Hello, all.  Well as some of you know, I am now a divorced woman.  It's so weird...I mean, after 7 years of dating and 6 years of marriage, it's over.  Just like that.  I know it's for the best, it's just strange. 
I've been wanting to go back to college this fall and major in journalism with the help of some hefty student loans.  However, my previous stint as an attempted teacher might stunt me on that.  I'm still having trouble with those loans, so I might have to sit out a semester. 
Which means I'll have to find someplace else to live, because my ex is not able to renew the lease on this apartment for another year.  I'm gonna look into income based housing in Morehead, because that's where I eventually want to go back to school.  If I transfer from this Kroger over to the Kroger in Morehead, I might be able to pull it off.  Ugh, Kroger's so painful on my body! But I need income, so...gotta do what I can.  If my plans chang
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Wanna play in the paintings room, Anna? :iconmiranawl:MiranaWL 435 58


I'm so ?? bad at this hi
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Lee Ann
United States
I'm from Arkansas, and that's where I live, obviously. I'm in high school and going into my senior year. After graduation, I plan to go to New York or Colorado.

My talents lie more with writing and wordsy things and less with drawing, but I'm hoping to improve my art skills at least some. I'm also pretty okay with music - playing music, that is. I have a horrid singing voice. So I have 2/4 of the main artistic skills. That's something, I suppose.

I'm pretty lax and open to conversation, so feel free to just talk. Also, any constructive criticism and tips for the stuff I call my art would be wonderful!

Feel free to call me by anything you please. I've gone by Nation, Regina, Lilly, Lee, Lee Ann, Squishy, Lunar...lots of nicknames, so call me whatever you please. :)



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